Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This came from dream. thought it over well and thought it would be suiting.

Here take this, as the boy breaks the single flower in the garden from its stem and hands it to the soldier, here! The soldier just smiles and says: why are you giving this to me. Because my father said that when I meet someone nice, it is proper to give a gift. The soldiers look around and see a suspicious object under what looks like a well covering, it is a rifle wrapped in cloth. The boy says, that was my fathers. He left it here for me to keep my family safe. The soldier uses his radio and says to the boy: I am sorry but we are going to have to take this away. The boy just watches as it is handed from one soldier to the other. The boy takes him to a little patio, there is dozens of planters, but no plants besides one with a single red flower. The boy says: isn't it pretty? My mum says that my grandpa told stories that it was brought here during the romans when my family fled here. There is a soldier looking down an alley, doing his daily patrol. There is a boy, who ask the soldier what he is looking for. The soldier says: bad guys. The boy replies: my mum says that I have to protect us from bad guys too;the soldier just smiles. Can I show you something? says the boy, Sure! He radios that he is going down the alley, another soldier follows. 

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